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Having trouble finding a safe place to exercise, play with, or train your dog?

Worried about other dogs you might meet whilst out in public places with your dog?

Is your dog fearful around other dogs, people, traffic?

Do you ever wish you could find somewhere safe to let your dog relax and have some off-lead fun?

“Go Play, Go Sniff at Ayrshire Dog Care” might just be able to help! 

Totalling around 3 fenced and hedged acres, we have divided the area into  zones for different activities - “Moonie’s Meadow- Go Play” and Ghillie’s Garden - Go Sniff” 

Once you book Moonie's Meadow and Go Sniff, you have exclusive use of the whole area - no other dogs have access during the time you have booked. You can bring more than two dogs providing they get along. Each extra dog attracts an additional charge of £2 per hour, payable on arrival. This extra money is sent to a dog charity each month.

As we live "on site", we are available to answer any questions you might have.

Excellent private car parking which leads directly into the area itself so no risk of running into, or having to pass,  other dogs.  Toilet facilities on site.  "The Dog Cafe" shelter where you can make a cuppa. There are also two shelters in the "Go Sniff" area.  Floodlights for dark winter nights!

"Go Wash" is the latest service we provide.

Dogs will be dogs! They love running around outside, no matter the weather and for some, the muddier the better!

Fast forward to taking him back home.......

Any of these scenarios ring a bell? Mud all over the kitchen floor, struggling to get him into the bath - and keeping him there! Escapee rampaging around the house shedding water and suds everywhere with you in hot pursuit!

If any or all of the above apply, why not book a visit to "Go Wash" after your wet/muddy/sandy walk!

We have built a lovely bathing chalet complete with the top of the range bath from Pro Dog Baths and dryers. We also supply quality shampoo, cologne, towels and brushes (or bring your own if you prefer!) all included in the price. Book a half hour slot for one dog. (Contact me should you have more than one dog.)

Contact us

Muirburn Annbank Road, KA6 5AG Annbank United Kingdom
Phone: 01292 521430
E-mail: safeplay@ayrshiredogcare.co.uk